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InnuPure® C16

Fully automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids.

Innupure 16

The InnuPure® C16  is designed for small and medium sample throughput and can process a wide range of starting materials. The system combines a unique liquid handling method with an extremely fast walk-away principle.

Labor-intensive sample lysis steps are no longer necessary, as they are now incorporated into the automated extraction process in keeping with the starting material. The nucleic acids to be isolated are then adsorbed onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles whose surfaces have been specially adapted for this purpose. The required extraction chemistry has been optimized for the application at hand, allowing users to isolate high yields of very pure nucleic acids.

The fully automatic magnetic particle separation process is carried out in the wells of the plastic extraction vessels. After the starting material has been introduced into the isolation process, the necessary reagents are pipetted to the sample and then automatically removed by pipette tip.


Once the nucleic acids have been bound to magnetic particles, they collect at the bottom of the wells and, depending on the routine in use, are resolubilized by pipetting them in and out in an optimized process. Finally, the DNA and/or RNA are eluted into separate, capped Elution Tubes for direct storage or other applications. The extraction principle also efficiently prevents the cross contamination that often occurs in vacuum-based purification methods. In addition, the InnuPure® C16 is equipped with pre-installed application protocols in order to avoid time-consuming programming.
The high flexibility of the system allows users to isolate DNA or RNA from up to 16 samples in parallel.


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