The New Standard in Automated Extraction














When used with the InnuPure® C16 touch, ready-to-use extraction kits greatly simplify routine laboratory work while saving resources. The timeconsuming job of filling reservoirs, for example, is a thing of the past. Prefilled cartridges also eliminate the risks of filling the wrong tubes and of spilling reagent. Most importantly, however; In addition to automated protocols for bacteria, viruses, as well as human, animal and plant tissues, customers can easily process complex forensic samples and highly processed food.

The system also provides enrichment routines for cell-free nucleic acids and allows users to conduct bisulfite conversion for epigenetic analyses., having so many kit elements prepared in advance saves valuable time.

All kits come in two types of packaging: one that includes Reagent Strips for individual extraction processes for small numbers of samples and one with reagent plates for up to 16 extractions at medium sample volumes.This limits prep work for the InnuPure® C16 touch to simply loading the sample tray.


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