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QuickGene-Auto 240L is the first automated system using QuickGene’s unique membrane technology for isolating larger quantities of DNA without additional purification process.

With this automated system, a large volume of whole blood genomic DNA (2 ml) can be isolated from primary tube samples to final DNA storage tubes ensuring a cross-contamination-free process.

Due to the ultra-thin polymer membrane used in this QuickGene technology, the result shows a high yield and purity.

The regular QuickGene DNA Whole Blood Kit L (DB-L) is applicable to this device in addition to the QuickGene-Auto 240L Consumables Kit.


Key Features


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Personal nucleic acid isolation device, one for each person

QuickGene-Mini80 is a compact system requiring no centrifugation in the extraction process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid extraction. This device shares a common extraction mechanism and kits with our semi-automated nucleic acid isolation system, QuickGene-810.


 QG Mini80






The high quality of purified DNA samples is critical to successful genotyping studies. DNA samples with a high level of quality control and low cleavage rates are particularly essential in studies involving many genetic markers. QuickGene-610L yields DNA samples under gentle extraction conditions, without using conventional centrifugal processes. This results in higher yields of DNA with higher molecular weight, fewer cleavages and high purity. QuickGene-610L is able to extract genomic DNA from a 2ml whole blood sample, and able to process 6 samples within 12 minutes.


 QG 610L






DNA and RNA extraction with a revolutionary 80µm membrane film. QuickGene-810 rapidly isolates DNA/RNA from varied samples with high quality and high yield. An automated system with isolation kits for reliable results.


QG 810