Analytik Jena

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Setting a new standard in nucleic acid isolation

Analytik Jena offers an extraordinary wide range of purification and isolation kits for nucleic acids, all made in Germany. Those are based on own technologies and patents. It ranges from manual to automated solutions for DNA/RNA extraction of most starting materials.

















  • Universal purification system optimized to be used in conjunction with the corresponding RoboGene® Pathogen Detection Kit
  • CE-IVD certified for usage in in-vitro diagnostics
  • Co-purification of highly pure viral DNA and RNA from a variety of starting materials
  • Efficient recovery of viral nucleic acids from 200 to 400 µl sample
  • Easy and fast Spin Filter based extraction method using the patented DC-Technology®


RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is the first CE-IVD-certified One-Step Real-Time PCR kit for quantificationof HDV RNA applying the 1st WHO standard for highly sensitive quantification of Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) RNA in human plasma or serum.