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 Analytik Jena‘s Biometra thermal cycler family provides outstanding PCR technology...biometra Tadvanced family


More than 25 Years – Experience in PCR

The Biometra thermal cycler family offers a range of high-quality models to
meet individual user needs.
The Biometra TOne is a high-performance system with a 96-well block, also
available with a gradient function. The combination of excellent technical
data and an attractive price makes it the right choice for many research and
routine laboratories.

Users looking for a premium system will find their desired device in the
Biometra TAdvanced. Its features include the combination of ultra-fast
heating and cooling rates, the wide range of exchangeable block modules
and the professional user management system.

The Biometra TRIO thermal cycler includes three independent blocks in one
instrument. Both multiuser environments as well as users with lower sample
numbers but different samples will enjoy this model. The three-block design
and the specific Temperature Optimization Step function support the fast
optimization of ideal annealing temperatures.