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A stand alone Open Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging System


kjaer setup





Main applications


  • Development and characterization of fluorescent agents

  • Image guided surgery

  • Infectious diseases

  • Oncology

  • Imaging of the lymphatic system

  • Small and large animal imaging


cisplatin paper facsimil












Real-time monitoring of cisplatin cytotoxicity on three-dimensional spheroid tumor cells 



JuLI™ Stage is applied to many different applications of cell works

Browse time-lapse videos and images taken with the JuLI™ Stage and see how it is actually used by researcher from around the world;







Main Functions

  • Image capturing

  • Time-lapse recording

  • Automated video making

  • Image stitching

  • Image & video editing

  • Multi-channel fluorscent colors (GFP, RFP, DAPI)

  • Multi-well monitoring (up to 384wells)

  • Multi-position monitoring


  • Incubator-compatible

  • Fully automated X-Y-Z stage

  • Interchangeable objective lens (4x, 10x, 20x)

  • Manual & auto focusing

  • Compatible with various plates & vessels

  • Data management with all-in-one PC

Photon Imager

Photon Imager is a modular system for the non-invasive detection, localization and quantification of dynamic optical signal - bioluminescence or fluorescence – from live animals.

A unique photon counting technology makes it extremely ensitive from the very start of image acquisition and enables the unparalleled kinetic recording of dynamic processes without the need for setting acquisition time, or pixel binning prior to imaging. Photon Imager continuously displays the light distribution during an experiment and image acquisition can be stopped at any time. This is a key advantage for bioluminescence imaging and can open new horizons for fluorescence imaging. Unlike other Pre-Clinical Imaging systems, the real-time imaging capability of *the Photon Imager delivers impressive performance, whilst its modular design philosophy ensures that the systems capabilities can be extended, as further state-of-the-art imaging technologies become available.

Learn more about the Photon Imager>>
















InSyTe FLECT/CT is our patented fluorescence imaging technology that provides the only true 360° optical tomography system with in-line X-ray CT. FLECT/CT combines all the advantages of FLECT, providing full functional imaging capabilities combined with the anatomical imaging capabilities of the in-line X-ray  CT subsystem.

The LabImager PR is a brand new reader for routine diagnostics. It automatically counts colonies on plates and digitizes and sort them. The first prototype is specialized in digitizing up to 20 plates in one stack. It uses an integrated camera to digitalize the plates and analyze them within the same device. After counting, the reader is able to seperate the plates into two different stacks – one with positiv plates and the other one with negative plates.


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