The new generation of the fully-automated top-system for chemiluminescence and fluorescence with high-resolution, cooled camera. Available in various modifications, with modular upgrade options. Fully-automated measurements for easy use and optimum image quality.




Examples of use:


Chemiluminescence imaging with substrates as WesternBright Quantum™ etc .

Fluorescence Multiplex Western Blotting

1D and 2D gel analysis of nucleic acids and proteins with dyes as e.g. ethidium bromide (EtBr),
SYBR Green™, SYPRO Ruby™, GFP™, eGFP™, Gelstar™, Q-Dot™, etc.

Molecular weight analysis and quantification Interpretation of microtitration plates and Colony Counting




The free control and analysis software FUSION-CAPT is absolutely convincing by its ease of use.  The 'Image Master' assistant™ generates directly after the measurement within a split second an objective and distinct evaluation of the image quality. The analysis module of the FUSION-CAPT has been extended considerably. The optional Bio-1D advanced analysis package allows extensive analysis and presentation of the image data also in 3D graphs with a few mouseclicks.


Your benefits:

  • Documentation and analysis system for chemiluminescence and fluorescence with outstanding sensitivity

  • Amazing ease of use due to support of the system when controling the optimum imaging parameters

  • PC control of all functions (e.g. automatic detection of the object level, autofocus, autoexposure)

  • Completely equipped basis packages

  • Modularly, fully integrated extendable with LED- and/or UV light sources

  • Extended GLP documentation, prepared for CFR 21 part 11

  • Optional SKYLIGHT technology for UV-free gel documentation