The LabImager PR is a brand new reader for routine diagnostics. It automatically counts colonies on plates and digitizes and sort them. The first prototype is specialized in digitizing up to 20 plates in one stack. It uses an integrated camera to digitalize the plates and analyze them within the same device. After counting, the reader is able to seperate the plates into two different stacks – one with positiv plates and the other one with negative plates.


Fast imaging up to 20 plates

LabImager PR is designed to process the plates by picking them directly out of the stacks. With a current processing time of less than 20 seconds per plate, the prototype of the LabImager PR works continuose and fast. It works with commonly 90mm petri dishes.

Integrated Analysis Software

The integrated LabImage Object Analyzer (LabImage OA) is an automated analysis software for colony counting, organism classification and sorting of petri dishes in microbiological laboratories. The software offers different parameter sets (application modules) for diverse application complexes. They are addaptable to your special needs in your laboratory. For this the included software isn’t completed and can grow with your application list.

Application fields

• Legionella
• Enterobacteriaceae
• Escherichia coli
• clostridia
• Staphylococcus
• many more additional modules