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UltraBright LED Transilluminator

The UltraBright LED Transilluminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench,or within gel documentation systems.
Light from the LED source inside the instrument producing light with a narrow emission peak centered at approximately 470nm, effective for the excitation of nucleic acid and protein stains such EtBr, SYBR®Safe, SYBRGold, SYBR®Green I&II, SYPRO®Ruby, SYPRO®Orange, Coomassie Fluor™Orangestains, GelGreen, GelRed and Lumitein™ ProteinGelStain.


MaestroGen UltraSlim - Smallest gel cutter in the world

To be the most compact LED illuminator, Maestrogen tried to design an LED illuminator not to be a conventional LED trans-illuminator or an epi-illuminator. It comes out the design concept of MaestroGen UltraSlim. MaestroGen UltraSlim is used for DNA gel cutting. It saves your lab spaces. The sensitivity for using MaestroGen UltraSlim is high enough for DNA gels. For DNA gels stained with EtBr, the sensitivity is up to 2 ng, while the sensitivity is even better than 1 ng when stained with safe dyes. 

  superbrigt vs standard


SUPERBRIGHT® describes the new generation of UV tables. The underlying technology was developed by Vilber Lourmat. It is based on a completely new filter plate, which is permeable for UV light only and which does not emit visible light any more. SUPERBRIGHT® transilluminators offer many crucial advantages compared to standard transilluminators as for example very clear and homogeneous illumination. SUPERBRIGHT® transilluminators are particularly well suited as multi-application devices for many of the fluorescent dyes besides ethidium bromide (e.g. SYBR®-Green, SYBR® Orange,   SYBR®-Gold, SYBR®-Red, SYPRO®-Ruby, Texas Red…)