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Transparent plastic supports for blot handling and imaging

Transparent plastic supports for blot handling and imaging

Advansta's Blot Development Folders are transparent plastic folders that hold your blot while it is exposed to film or a CCD camera.

Incubation trays for staining and washing gels and membranes


Lidded incubation trays for washing gels and blots or staining gels and blots


These specially designed incubation trays are ideal for staining and washing electrophoresis gels and membranes. Chose from three designs, all available in a range of sizes: Opaque – for light-sensitive applications. Transparent – for easy monitoring of colorimetric staining. Traditional – perfect for blot washes and incubations.

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Transform your protein standard into a chemiluminescent marker !

WesternBright ChemiPen









Write or draw on your transfer membranes with the WesternBright ChemiPen.
With the proprietary "ink" you can make pre-stained protein standards chemiluminescent, annotate your blot with a date or blot number, or check the quality of your HRP substrates.