The novel ORCA Gel Electrophoresis unit and the corresponding VELUM Precast Gels offer the latest technique in terms of easy handling, resolution and reproducibility for up to 52 protein samples per unit and run.

Up to 4 ORCA Gel Electrophoresis units can be combined (one on top of the other) and run simultaneously.









ORCA Gel Electrophoresis routine

The ORCA routine is designed for daily protein analysis by SDS-PAGE, SAR-PAGE or IEF. Handling of the system including the correct setting of the corresponding VELUM gels or the electrodes does not require further user education.


ORCA Gel Electrophoresis research

The ORCA research offers maximum flexibility for research and development. This system allows for both, 1D gel electrophoresis ans 2D gel elctrophoresis (including Refraction-2D and 2D DIGE).