Minute™ Protein Extraction Kits





The world's leading spin column based protein extraction kits


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The Minute™ series of protein extraction kits developed by Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. are excellent tools for rapid and easy protein extraction/isolation from a variety of species including but not limited to mammalian, marine animals, insects, plants and bacteria.


Why MinuteTM Kits?

  • Spin column technologies for protein extractionon
  • Super small sample size
  • Cover almost all living organisms

Unlike any other protein extraction kit in the market, these next generation protein extraction kits employ optimized buffer systems coupled with state of the art proprietary filter cartridge technologies (spin column) for total protein extraction, cell fractionation, and membrane protein isolation.

The kits offer numerous advantages over other competing products in terms of speed, ease of use and performance.


  • Plasma Membrane Isolation (SM-005)
  • Total Protein Extraction
  • Animal (SD-001/SN-002)
  • Plant (SD-008/SN-009)
  • Yeast/Bacteria/Microalgae (SB-004, YT-015)
  • Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Extraction (SC-003)
  • Chloroplast Isolation (CP-011)
  • Protein/Nucleic Acid Extraction from Gels (PN-019)











Minute™ Single Cell Isolation Kit