BlotCycler provides your laboratory with fast, economical quality results!

blotcyclerBlotCycler™ automates the process of Western blotting. All steps after protein transfer to a membrane are fully automated: shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and recycling of the primary antibody.

The BlotCycler allows you to process blots anytime . . . even during meetings or overnight. No need to wait until the next morning to start processing. The BlotCycler can be programmed to perform as many steps as you need, and process your western blots unattended. Your blots will be ready to analyze when you arrive the following morning.

  • Add your antibody, blocker, and wash buffers
  • Program the system
  • Walk away



Patented fluidic technology ensures lower background and higher signal;
























Blots were processed using the same protocol with BlotCycler (left) or manually (right). 

 Proteins were detected with fluorescent labeled secondary antibodies.