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2d gel

  • AdvanStain Scarlet

    AdvanStainTM Scarlet – a sensitive, quantitative fluorescent stain for detecting total protein on gels and blots

    AdvanStain ScarletAdvanStain Scarlet is a fluorescent stain for gels and blots that allows sensitive and quantitative visualization of proteins. Gels and blots stained with AdvanStain Scarlet can be imaged on any fluorescent imaging system, including laser- and CCD-based systems, with a detection limit of less than 1 ng of protein per band or spot.
    Fully compatible with downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry, AdvanStain Scarlet is non-toxic and biodegradable, for safe and simple disposal.


    • Sensitive- detect less than a nanogram of protein per spot
    • Convenient- simple 3-hour protocol
    • Flexible- stain gels or membranes
    • Reversible- destain for downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry
    • No speckling- clean background and no speckling for better data
    • Safe- biodegradable and contains no heavy metals for increased safety and simple disposal
    • Compatible- image with any laser or CCD imaging system. Compatible excitation wavelengths include green (543, 532 nm), blue (488 nm), violet (405 nm) and UV (302, 365 nm). Maximum emission wavelength is 610 nm. 


    AdvanStain Brochure 4pg AdvanStain Brochure 2pgAdvanStain User Manual

  • Octoplus QPLEX

    The Octoplus QPLEX sets a novel standard for high power multiplex fluorescence large area imaging as well as sensitive chemiluminescence. It combines the sensitivity of laser-based systems with the rapid image acquisition of CCD cameras. The system introduces the latest improvements in fluorescence excitation and emission detection technologies. 

    octoplus qplex






















     “The combination of the Octoplus QPLEX and the customized fluorescent labeling kits from NH DyeAGNOSTICS saves us much time and effort in the daily routine protein diagnostics.”

    Dr. Jan Bartel, Labor Limbach, Heidelberg


  • ORCA Gel Analyzer

    The ORCA Gel Analyzer - for SDS-PAGE, SAR-PAGE and IEF analysis in daily routine

    The ORCA Gel Analyzer provides massive time savings, reproducible results, independency from sample quality (e.g. difference of protein applied to the gel, differences in protein content), digital reporting and independency of the user.

    ORCA Gel Analyzer



     ORCA Gel Electrophoresis

    ORCA Gel Electrophoresis       Beo Dry blotter




  • Orca Gel Electrophoresis

    ORCA - Horizontal protein separation system


    The Orca system introduces new modular gel electrophoresis units and novel Velum™ precast gels. This combination offers best 1D and 2D SDS-PAGE results in terms of resolution and reproducibility. Compared to other horizontal protein separation systems, Orca provides a unique array of highly robust electrodes, which allows to run two 1D Velum™ gels onto a single Orca unit at the same time. The gel system is easy to use and up to three combined Orca systems run simultaneously using the same power supply and cooling unit.










    Key features

    • Easy to use
    • Powerful protein separation
    • Combination of three units possible
    • Unique array of robust electrodes for dual runs



  • ORCA Gel Electrophoresis

    The novel ORCA Gel Electrophoresis unit and the corresponding VELUM Precast Gels offer the latest technique in terms of easy handling, resolution and reproducibility for up to 52 protein samples per unit and run.

    Up to 4 ORCA Gel Electrophoresis units can be combined (one on top of the other) and run simultaneously.









    ORCA Gel Electrophoresis routine

    The ORCA routine is designed for daily protein analysis by SDS-PAGE, SAR-PAGE or IEF. Handling of the system including the correct setting of the corresponding VELUM gels or the electrodes does not require further user education.


    ORCA Gel Electrophoresis research

    The ORCA research offers maximum flexibility for research and development. This system allows for both, 1D gel electrophoresis ans 2D gel elctrophoresis (including Refraction-2D and 2D DIGE).