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Protein Separation










Pack your own LC/MS capillary columns

ms-gra- -pressure

What’s the best way to dispense small-volume liquid samples in a controlled manner? Rely on the Next Advance Pressure Injection Cell. Often called a bomb loader, the Pressure Injection Cell is invaluable for two applications:

1. densely packing nanobore capillary columns with solid-phase particles for LC/MS;

2. precisely infusing microliter samples into mass spectrometers without additional transfers, wasted sample or contact with metallic surfaces which adsorb negatively charged molecules.



Velum™ precast gels offer perfect protein separation and a novel experience of convenience in handling. Velum™ gels are film-supported and do not need any glass plates for gel electrophoresis and only a small amount of buffer (included with the kit) is required.

Velum™ gels are ideally suited for Red- and near IR-fluorescence protein imaging (T-Red, T-iRed, T-Rex) with a tenfold better signal to noise ratio compared to other gels.

Velum Gel









velum gel sample
















The most simple blotting method after electrophoresis for 

BEO  blotterVelum™ gels is the contact blotting with the  Beo Dry Blotter

After the electrophoretic procedure the blotting membrane is directly placed on the gel-surface.With the help of dry blotting paper and pressure the proteins are forced to migrate on the membrane.

 Enhanced protein transfer for improved sensitivity

  FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer

Advansta's new FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer allows scientists to achieve increased sensitivity in their Western blots. The buffer provides increased transfer efficiency of all proteins, including large molecular weight proteins that are notoriously difficult to transfer completely. It also increases protein retention on the membrane, so it's easier to detect low-abundance proteins.

invent logo new

 The world's leading spin column based protein extraction kits


minute 30s

The Minute™ series of protein extraction kits developed by Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. are excellent tools for rapid and easy protein extraction/isolation from a variety of species including but not limited to mammalian, marine animals, insects, plants and bacteria.


Why MinuteTM Kits?

  • Spin column technologies for protein extractionon
  • Super small sample size
  • Cover almost all living organisms

Sometimes it may not be the speed that matters but the result...

The Beo Dry Blotter transfers protein simply based on capillary action with phenomenal results in terms of transfer quality and efficiency. The blotting does neither requires power nor additional buffer. And you can process up 18 blots derived from mini gels or 3 blots from large gels (e.g.Velum™ 1D, IEF or 2D gels) at the same time.

BEO  blotter

 Key features

• Easy to use
• High quality of protein transfer
• No additonal buffers, requires no power
• Takes up to 18 blots from mini gels or 3 large blots from 2D gels




pdfBeo Dry Blotter product guide.pdf