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Sample Prep


Bullet Blende Brochure


check it go robot

handheld laboratory mixersileks lab mixer

Powerful handheld laboratory mixer LabMix Mini 201 is designed for mixing and homogenizing of different samples in standard laboratory tubes.

Replace the Ice Bucket !

MaestroGen eCooler provides an innovative, portable and eco-friendly cooling system for your daily experiments.

Maestrogen designs a Peltier cooler with a portable cooling box with excellent temperature maintenance and UltraRapid Cooling Efficiency: Cooling down from R.T. to below 4 degree C within 10 minutes!

Mixing and incubation or cooling are essential steps of molecularbiological techniques. This unit is shaking your samples efficient with an orbit of 3mm and keeps temperature in a wide range from 4 to 99°C. The microprocessor controlled electronic and high quality peltiers guarantees temperature accuracy and - constanty. Thermomixer is easy to use by 9 programms with 9 steps each. 4 easy interchangable blocks ensure for necessary flexibility during the daily work in the lab. Thermomixer 4-99°C
  • temperature range: 4 - 99°C
  • temperature stability: +/- 0,5°C
  • shaking speed: 300 - 1500 rpm to set in steps of 50
  • heating speed: 5°C/min
  • cooling speed: 4°C/min from 99 to 20°C; 1°C/min from 20 to 4°C
  • all given data given for temperature range from 15 bis 35°C
  • optional available with RS 232 interface
  • weight: 5,9 kg inclusive block
  • dimensions 190 x 190 x 325 mm
  • power 125 Watt , 230V/115V AC, 50/60Hz

Block for 96 x 0,2 ml tubes

Adapter for 60 x 0,5ml Tubes

Block for 24 x 1,5 ml tubes

Block for 24 x 2,0 ml tubes

  ...and the perfect mate to for;

bullet b blue24quickgene_kitquickgene_mini80

This economical microprocessor controlled dry block heat bath can run either two tube-blocks or one microtiter block. The digital LCD readout monitors the temperature in REAL-TIME and displays the target temperature. The heating range goes from 5 °C over room- temperature to 150°C at a temperature stability of +/-0,2°C.

 A space-saving and low cost combination of centrifuge and vortex in new design. Stopping long ways between centrifugation and vortexing.

Tubes can be vortexed directly through the opening in the lid.

  • centrifugation speed 2.400 rpm at 700 x G
  • vortex speed 2.400 rpm
  • autostopp, when lid is open
  • continuous and impulse operation
  • weight: 2,1 kg, dimensions are 190 x 235 x 125 mm

The centrifuge - vortex mixer is supplied with two rotor-discs, one for 12 x 0,5 ml and 12 x 0,2 ml and one for 12 x 1,5 ml tubes.

The Bullet Blender™ BLUE 5

The Bullet Blender™ "BLUE 5" contains all the homogenizing power of the original Bullet Blender with over 3 times the capacity! Homogenize up to one gram of tough tissue, soft tissue, cell culture, or small organisms in 5ml screw-cap tubes - usually in under 5 minutes! Holds up to 12 tubes.



The Bullet Blender™, is a vortexer (at a low setting), a cell disruptor and a tissue homogenizer (at a high setting) all in one unit.  No parts contact the samples, eliminating any possibility of cross contamination.


Microprocessor-controlled UV irradiation system.

The emission of the UV light is constantly monitored by a UV sensor which is controlled by a microprocessor. The irradiation stops automatically when the energy received matches the energy programmed. The irradiation cycler are perfectly reproducible and are independent from intensity fluctuations of the UV source. Just programme the energy and Bio-Link delivers it! Bio-Link combines the latest technology with a very high quality of the components. UV exposure chamber in stainless steel, protective quartz disk on the UV sensor cell, highly resistant tactile membrane keypad. The readout display and the large number of presets, either in energy unit (Joules/cm²) or in time unit (seconds), makes the Bio-Link a very simple instrument to use while very powerful. The UV light intensity is captured in a well of light above the irradiation chamber, so that the UV cell measure is collected from all the UV tubes and not just one. This also protect the UV cell from any dirt which can enter the chamber.

Bullet Blender® Beads

Beads are the components that strike and grind your samples resulting in tissue homogenization and cell lysis. We provide a variety of beads suitable for a wide array of samples. The general rule of thumb is to choose larger, denser beads for tougher samples. We also provide RNase free beads for RNA extractions and Sample Bead Packs for different types of samples

RNAse-free beads, 4mL packaged in a screw cap tube

0.1mm glass beads (
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications utilizing cell culture, 4mL

0.5mm zirconium oxide beads (ZrOB05-RNA)
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications, 4mL
1.0mm zirconium oxide beads (ZrOB10-RNA)
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications, 4mL
2.0mm zirconium oxide beads (ZrOB20-RNA)
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications, 4mL
0.2mm stainless steel beads (SSB02-RNA)
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications utilizing cell culture, 4mL
Stainless steel 0.9-2.0mm bead blend (SSB14B-RNA)
RNAse-free beads for RNA applications utillizing tough tissue, 4mL