Lamps are powerful source of UV radiation. UV radiation is dangerous for unprotected eyes and skin. Short (254nm) and medium (312nm) waves are dangerous for the eyes and the skin. Long waves could affect sensitive persons or person under medical treatment. Therefore we strongly recommend users to protect themselves against UV radiation by wearing glasses or face shields.

MP-80 Face shield
The MP-80 is recommended for the protection of the eye and the face

MP-800 face shield

This face shield has two lateral protections to cover the operator ears in addition to his eyes and face.

LP-70 Glasses
Comfortable and efficient, the LP-70 glass provide total protection for the eyes.

S6000_Black_midThe UNOTRON keyboard is patented with SpillSeal® technology and tested to the International StandardsNEMA4X and IP66, meaning you can wash and disinfect the keyboard in Hospital grade cleaning solutions, helping to reduce the spread of germs and cross infection.



The eyewash is activated automatically by pulling the cover and letting it fall down. When the shower has been activated both your hands are free to the keep your eyelids open while your eyes and face is flushed.