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The “eye”-series fulfil the gap between ex vivo biodistributions and advanced m

ultimodal imaging systems. Planar mode is the most efficient method for fast in vivo screening of various biomolecules and this is what the “eyes” offer


introducing the eyes



pdf   Download γ-eye brochure                                             pdfDownload β-eye brochure

IP Cassettes

Provides uniform contact between the sample and the IP for best sensitivity, uniformity, and resolution.

Kisker X-ray cassetts have a simple, but abolutly safe looking system and are high quality light tight instruments for the production of autoradiographs in molecular biology. For exposure at deep temperature up to - 70°C the cassetts are extra rivetet, which guarantee absolutly stability.

Kisker X-ray cassetts feature:
extremly low radiation absorption

  • highest quality through exact film/screen contact
  • long lasting antistatic
  • extremly long shelflife through plastic covered aluminium
  • extra reveted with additional garant stability up to -70°C


IP Cassette 20x25 cm
IP Cassette 20x40 cm



CAWO DIGIT imaging plates for digital radiography feature high absorption efficiency, excellent homogeneity and short response time.
With a new coating technology the surface is very smooth and gives an improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Even the anti-halor layer forms a perfect barrier against laser light. On the other hand it easily lets through the stimulated light.

With the newly developed EBC (electron-beam-cured) top coat CAWO DIGIT imaging plates have a superb resistance to mechanical wear and extensive immunity to chemical cleaning solutions.

Additionally a new adhesion layer guarantees for a superior durability.



MS - General

The BAS-MS, like all Imaging Plates, has a flexible polyester base coated with highly dispersed barium fluorohalide phosphor crystals (BaF(Br,I):Eu2+).

When a radioactively labeled sample is exposed to an IP, the energy from that sample is transferred to the phosphor crystals, and stored as trapped electrons. In short, the electrons become trapped to form 'F-centers' in the BaF(Br,I) matrix.

Scanning the exposed IP with a He-Ne laser (633nm) releases the trapped electrons and photons at about 400nm. This process is known
as photo-stimulated luminescence. The blue light emitted is collected to produce the digitized image.

MS Imaging Plate 20x25 cm
MS Imaging Plate 23x25 cm
MS Imaging Plate 23x25 cm
MS Imaging Plate 23x40 cm
MS Imaging Plate 35x43 cm



TR - Tritium

TR Imaging Plate 20x25 cm - Sensitive to tritium. For BAS 5000, FLA 3000, 5000, 5100
TR Imaging Plate 20x40 cm - Sensitive to tritium. For BAS 2000, 2500, FLA 3000, 5000, 5100

SR - Hi res.

These IPs are designed for optimum resolution and durability with wet samples. They are sensitive to all common beta and gamma emitters except 3H.

SR Imaging Plate 20x25 cm
SR Imaging Plate 20x40 cm

ND -Neutron

BAS-ND IP is the most accurate Imaging Plate for research using neutrons. The task of capturing and analyzing data from neutron crystallography, neutron radiology and monitoring has become much easier and accurate.




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